You are a lonely soul that has passed away and risen on the shores of Styx. To cross, one must pay the ferryman's tole of two gold pieces. Normally, those close to the deceased will place the gold on the departed's eyes or in their mouth. No one you knew was willing to provide you with the fare, so you must seek it out yourself. Perhaps a monster will drop gold as loot?

Two Coins By Dan Andrus and Alex Biggs Made for Extra Credits Game Jam #5 2019-08-23 – 2019-08-26

coding, art, writing, level designDan Andrus
coding, sfx, music, level design, enemy design, core loop, Alex Biggs

GitHub | Dan Andrus | Alex Biggs


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The only feed back I can give this game its... "its awesome".

Polished, a simple yet touching narrative, great pixel art. The mechanics were simple to grasp and the game was responsive. The demons where awesome, the pitchfork mechanic was unexpected and added a new level of tactics to the game. 
I would add one thing and one thing only... I would add an upper slash and a down slash. The eye monster was hard to fight because he could attack you from above and It felt weird, because all the enemies atack you from the sides except that one.

But there is not much to say, this game its amazingly crafted. Well done!

thanks for making it! :D

The artstyle of the game works well, it looks aesthetically pleasing and allows for quick communication of information to the player, which makes gameplay much easier. I really enjoyed figuring out how to fight each enemy, with the pitchfork demons being my favorite to fight. There were some situations where I felt like I should either be doing more damage, particularly against the sword-weilders, or that I should have been able to swing the sword above and below my character, like when fighting the eye-worm enemies. Overall, I can say I really enjoyed playing it!

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback! The demons are my favorites to fight as well. I agree, not being able to swing up or down makes fighting the eye-worms more tricky. I wonder if a having a wider swing arc would help with that? Thanks for playing!

While I enjoyed the gameplay, it was the ending that I liked best. The new monster ...

Thanks, I hope you had fun! monster ;)

Always love seing a PICO-8 game, particularly when they're so well made. Really like how each enemy requires their own strategy and countering a demon just feels so good.


Thank you! We spent a lot of effort polishing. You can thank @akbiggs for the excellent enemy design!

this is the first game i've tried today.  nice tune and nice timing on the robed one's attacks.  it would be so dope for some big monsters to pop out of that river.  i didnt get so very far so maybe they do.  fun like an old atari game

omg you're right. release the kraken.